LINQlanguage is a training center specializing in English, French, German and Spanish courses. We help you learn a language quickly, personalized, motivating and above all, effective.

LINQlanguage ha consegui- do lo que muchos estamos persiguiendo desde hace tiempo, que sea la última vez que iniciamos inglés. Por fin perdemos el miedo y empe- zamos a sentirnos seguros.

Pere Escayola
One of LINQlanguage's students

We offer:

  • Professional language teachers with extensive training and classroom teaching experience.
  • Private lessons in your home or office so you save time and gain convenience and flexibility.
  • Teaching methods tailored to your needs.
  • Our guarantee of good results.

With our help you will learn how to communicate fluently in order to meet the demands of today's world.

These are some of the companies that have already trusted LINQlanguage:

Dorn Bracht España la Caixa Baxter Pro Work
Hospital Bellvitge Deloitte Nutrexpa